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BCHS owns over 1,000 books and pamphlets relating to Butler County history. Most are secondary sources and cover a wide range of subjects such as local communities, industries, churches, schools, and Pennsylvania's military history. There is also a modest collection of family histories written by local genealogists.

Primary materials include city directories, phone books, and high school yearbooks, especially Butler High School's The Magnet.

Note: We do not have primary documents such as birth, marriage, and death records, wills, or property deeds. Take a look at our Resources page for more information on accessing those records.


Planning a research visit?


We would be happy to assist you!

Please call the BCHS office at (724) 283-8116 at least one week before your trip to check availability of resources and staff. Most of our collections are housed in another building, so we do need time to access your materials.

Note: We hold no primary genealogical resources such as property records, marriage, birth, or death certificates. Please check Resources for more information.
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