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             Butler County is rich in history which is evidenced by the many histories written about the County and the new historic finds

                    and artifacts that come into light every year.  We are the county's largest repository for historic artifacts, photographs, family

                    collections,  and original documents about our ancestors.  We have four historic sites to help educate each new generation

                    about their ancestors and the history of this area. 


            The Butler County Historical Society is actively searching for new members.  Each member's contributions are needed and

                  greatly appreciated whether it be the time spent volunteering or with your monetary support.  We   hope that each member

                  is able to benefit from the group's efforts to maintain and forward the preservation of   Butler County's History.


            You are invited to join us in our endeavors by becoming a member of the Butler County Historical Society.  If you  are in the

                  local area, we also encourage you to note on the back of the membership form that you would be interested in giving  an hour

                  or two of your time when you  are able.  There are many different events and areas where volunteers are needed throughout

                  the year and we invite you to join in doing something you enjoy!


            Thank You for your interest in being part of this great organization - we look forward to meeting you!


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